to Nov 14

Aaron Garcia at Fun City Tattoo

Aaron Garcia will be visiting from Dark Horse Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA 11/13-11/14! Click the link below to book in.

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to Oct 31

Duncan Lemmon at Fun City Tattoo

Duncan Lemmon will be tattooing at Fun City Tattoo from 10/26/18-10/31/18! Click the link below to make an appointment.

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to Sep 22

Kane Navasard Returns to Fun City Tattoo

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kane Navasard is best known for his delicate single needle tattoo work which combines elements of lust, violence, and l.a. culture. Being a b-boy for 13 years, he learned the values of dedication, hard work, and the sacrifice it takes to hone one’s craft. Applying this same work ethic has led him to work at lowrider tattoo studios in 2009, recognized internationally for their fine line black and grey work. He has since branched off to expand his brand, and continues to push his form of art to another level. InstagramWebsite • Twitter

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to Sep 11

Jose Araujo at Fun City Tattoo

Jose Araujo's traditional fine line, black & grey, and bold traditional tattoos draw influence from elements of Americana, Chicano art, LA gang writing and prison art from various time periods. His gallery practice pulls from similar resources combing chicano art with traditional American imagery and the use of handwritten typography to help convey various inner-city sentiments. Jose maintains a regular position at Mid Town Tattoo in Los Angeles taking appointments in between raising his family in nearby Mid-City. Jose came to Fun City Tattoo as a guest artist for the first time in 2017 and we can't wait to welcome him back! InstagramWebsite

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